Hey! I'm Tom Slipkus,
a Saas email strategist.

I offer VoC-led SaaS email strategy (and copy) for a seamless customer experience in onboarding, retention, and everything in between.

"Working with Tom has been an absolute pleasure. Over the past five years, Tom has consistently showcased his exceptional talent and expertise as a writer."David Schneider, Founder & CEO at Shortlist

Your customers are the driving force behind your most powerful messaging

VoC-driven SaaS email strategies that help your customers connect with your brand and discover your product's value through personalized, timely, and impactful email communication.

At a glance, SaaS emails can seem relatively straightforward:1. If someone subscribes to your newsletter, get them to sign up for a free trial.
2. If they join the free trial, push them to become a paid user.
3. Once they become customers, turn them into power users and get them to an annual plan.
But when you get into the nitty gritty, things tend to get a bit muddier…🚫 What if the newsletter subscriber doesn’t try out your product?
🚫 What to do when a trial user isn’t engaging with your emails?
🚫 How to respond when your paid user stops using the product?
In other words…What to do if a customer doesn't do what you want them to?That’s when having someone who knows how to solve SaaS problems using emails can be a game changer.For your SaaS, that someone can be me :)Even the most successful SaaS companies have missing pieces in their email experience. These gaps are costing them serious revenue every single month.But they are also opportunities to supercharge your revenue potential. All while building a strong foundation for a lasting relationship with your customers.Consider, how much of a difference a 5, 10, or 15 percent boost in your free to paid conversion rate make? Or what you could do if you retained even a few percent more of your customers?Having a structured and efficient process for solving these (and countless other) problems with email can do that. Especially if that process is built on the best practices of SaaS marketing juggernauts like Samar Owais and Joanna Wiebe.But to be effective, that process must begin with talking to your customers and understanding where they are, what they want to achieve, and the best path for them to get there.When you work with me, that's where we will start. The process includes:★ Diving deep into customer research using interviews and/or surveys to figure out exactly what’s holding your users back as well as how your best customers got where they are.
★ Creating a comprehensive map of your entire email journey, so there’s no confusion about where each email sequence fits in your marketing strategy.
★Creating compelling email sequences that don’t just fill space in your customers’ inboxes but solve specific problems for your business with long-term outcomes in mind.
★ Offering you valuable insights into your audience, segmentation, features, priorities, and a range of other aspects of growing a SaaS company the right way.
Want to learn more about how I could help you? Let's hop on a 15-minute call and figure out whether we're a good fit.


Guide your users to success

Turn new trial signups into power users using timely, personalized, and relevant onboarding emails.


Get more customers to stay

Identify where your customers are leaving and address their needs in a way that builds a stronger connection.


Fill gaps in your email messaging

Create a full email journey that ensures a seamless experience for your customers, every step of the way.

My Process

1) Audience Research
I'll collect and analyze customer data to identify the biggest issues your customers are facing and the path your best customers took to finding success.
2) Email Journey Map
Then, I'll develop a full roadmap of your customer journey and show you exactly how to enhance it using emails.
3) Email Strategy
sing the insights from VOC research, I'll craft a tailor-made email strategy that matches your audience and goals.
4) Email Sequence Planning
You'll receive a full email sequence plan with the framework, reasoning, and goals of each message.
5) Writing & Implementation
If you approve, I'll craft the email sequence, help you implemented, and ensure that everything is working properly.
6) Performance Check-In
We'll check in to evaluate the results and see if you're getting the outcomes you want, adjusting if necessary.

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Tom, and I am here to help you figure out how to turn email into the primary communication tool for your business.
I have been a freelancer for over a decade and have worked with a variety of SaaS and B2B companies.
Whether you need to...
★ Get email subscribers to try out your product,
★ Convert trial users into paid customers,
★ Turn your customers into power users and brand ambassadors,
★ Fill gaps in your email communication,
★ Create a unified SaaS email strategy,
...I can show you the exact step-by-step process to making it happen.

How to get started


You reach out and we agree on a short discovery call. I'll tell a bit about myself, you'll share what you want to solve, and we'll decide if it's a good fit.


I'll put together a proposal that maps out every part of the project, responsibilities, and how it will help address your challenge using email strategy.


We agree to move forward with the project and set up a timeline, goals, key stakeholders, and the process for ensuring that we achieve the best results.

Let's talk!

Fill out the form on the right or drop me a line to hello [at] tomslipkus.com

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